Jackson will also have the privilege of being a Madden cover athlete

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Jackson will also have the privilege of being a Madden cover athlete

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The latest Madden 22 patch has eliminated the disgraced former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden from the game. Gruden came under fire and quit as manager of the Raiders last month , after emails emerged that exposed racists as well as inappropriate language from the 58-year-old. The messages are from conversations that he had with his players between 2011 and 18.

EA Sports has made a habit of taking down the likenesses of players as well as coaches who were fired or exiled in the aftermath of criminal behaviour. It's possible that EA will also take down WR Henry Ruggs III in the next update.

It was reported that the Raiders release Ruggs on Tuesday, after the arrest of him for DUI following a fatal crash that claimed the lives of a woman and her dog. This update might have to wait until the end of December unless EA determines that it is necessary to remove Ruggs promptly. In addition to the adjustments to the Raiders' virtual sideline, the new patch also updated the beards for Leonard Williams and Tyrann Mathieu.

EA Madden 22 is the latest and one of the most controversial installments in the franchise. Although it's significantly better than Madden 22 in a few aspects such as graphics, the game was not without flaws from the beginning.

Even before the game's launch, Madden 22 players started having issues with the game. Many thought that EA could resolve the issue before the game's release around the world, but this wasn't the case. Some recent issues that are affecting players include the game freezing when you upgrade or are developing players and the issue of crashing on Xbox.

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